Noble Wong

Noble Wong,香港插畫家,於香港理工大學多媒體碩士優等成績畢業。 視寫生為生活的一個重要部分,希望以畫筆記錄身邊的事物,帶出香港的 文化特色。2015年成立插畫公司Noble Sketchbook,參與商業插畫與壁畫 的工作。例如西營盤藝里坊的壁畫項目,現已成為影相打咭熱點。此外, 曾參與香港青年藝術協會的社區藝術項目”城市閘誌”,把舊區店舖的故事 呈現在鐵閘畫上。也有參與”大館” (中區警署建築群) 的活化工程,把大館 與香港警隊歷史以壁畫形式呈現出來。


Mural_Artlane : A girl dancing towards a guy playing saxophone, to fit the theme “Art and Music in Soho” of Artlane.

Shutter_Kowloon_City : To illustrate the shop’s business is pass from mother to son, generation to generation.

Shutter_MK : To illustrate the idea of yin yang (陰陽), and the shop’s workers in the old day..

Shutter_SSP : To illustrate the changing of bicycle business from 50s’ to nowadays.

Sketch_CU : To capture the form, shape and colour of mirror from water reflection.

Sketch_MaWanChung : To show the interesting structure of stilt house of HK fishing village.

Sketch_Tai_O : To capture the beautiful scenery of Tai O fishing village.

Sketch_YMT : To capture the beautiful structure of Tin Hau temple and light and shadow cast by trees.

Sketch_YMT02 : To draw HK typical Tenement House(唐樓) and the surrounding environment.