Au Chung Yim Yee King Hong Kong zen ink painter

Hong Kong famous Zen ink painter

The harsh life experience has forged my humble self and a creative mind in the seeing the world around me. 

Ah Chung’s real name is Yee-King Yim, born in Guangzhou, China 1933. The Harsh life experience has forged his humble self and a creative mind in seeing the  world around him. 


Ah Chung was fond of art when he was just a child. His works are in the permanent collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Taiwan National Museum of Art. 


In 1984, he left Hong Kong for the United States. He then adopted the modest alter ego to create a series of Chinese ink and color paintings and called himself」 Ah Chung」 (」 insect」 ) because of his admiration for worms. He admires these little creatures for their great strength in survival even when facing with harsh environments. 


The essence of Ah Chung’s style lies not only his seemingly effortless brush strokes but also the way he enriched his paintings by adding lively and humorous depiction of his philosophy of life, a philosophy that brings us breathing space and food for thought in this busy world. The uniqueness of his works have won him many admirers and made him one of the most popular artists in Hong Kong, 

Major artworks

Ignorance is bliss

Inner Peace

Inner Calm

A harmonious home enjoys prosperity

A harmonious home enjoys prosperity

You reap what you sow

Live contentedly, in harmony with nature

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