Q: What is Bespoke7?

A: Bespoke7 is an online retailer with a user friendly platform allowing customers to make an one of a kind personalised leather goods. Customers can freely upload their artworks/images, add text onto the graphic, choose trim leather colors and stamp their initials on the leather item. Quite likely, it is the only piece in the world that truely reflects your style. We also welcome corporate clients who want to create some corporate gifts with personal touch for their clients and/or staff.


Q: What products does Bespoke7 offer?

A: Bespoke7 offers genuine leather goods for both men and women. There are wallets, card cases, crossbodys, pouches for tech gadgets as well as travel accessories.


Q: What type of leather are Bespoke7 leather goods made from?

A: Our leather goods are made from high quality genuine Italian leather. The printed surface is vegetable tanned leather, it has been pressed to create a smooth surface, treated with special finish to make it suitable for high definition printing; while the trim leather is nappa leather with natural milled grain.


Q: What styles I can choose from?

A: We have more than a dozen of styles available for selection, and will introduce new style from time to time. Please visit our official website regularly to check out new items.


Q: How to customize my product?

A: The whole customization process can be done in our website. We have a user friendly interface that guides you step by step during the process. In brief, the customization can be divided into below different components:

  1. Choose style
  2. Select surface leather color. This could be any colour you prefer by adjusting the colour bars at the customization page. If you are going to upload your own artwork or image, you can skip this step.
  3. Select Trim leather color. This trim color position varies from style to style. This could be the internal compartment of wallet, or the back panel of a pouch or a laptop case.
  4. Customize the Surface. You can upload your own artwork/image or choose the artworks from our collaboration partners. Then you can add text message in any color on top.
  5. Emboss your Initials – You can stamp your initials on designated area of the product. Blind emboss, gold foil and silver foil effect can be selected. Maximum 4 alphabets/numbers..
  6. Preview – You can review your creation before you move on to placing order.
  7. We know that you may change you mind when you have too many ideas. You are welcomed to change any images or colors before you confirm the order. It is just a click away.


Q: I have no idea what image to upload, what can I do?

A: That is normal, simply check out different references which we have made as inspirations, they are at the bottom section of our front page. Or you can choose the artworks from our collaboration brands and artists. This is a marvellous chance to cross over your ideas with your favour brand or artist.


Q: Why can’t I upload my image?

A: Only JPEG and PNG formats are supported. AI, PS, PDF, TIFF, GIF and other formats are not supported at the moment.


Q: What is the image upload restrictions?

A: Maximum pixel: 8000 x 8000; Minimum pixel: 500 x 300.


Q: What is the semi-translucent rectangle around the the area where I upload my image?

A: This is to ensure your design can be implemented correctly in production. When you upload your artwork, you need see how your artwork is positioned on the chosen style. For production, we need seam allowance (the semi-translucent area) to make sure the uploaded artwork can be properly printed. To achieve “you see what you get”, please help to fill up the translucent area with your image. However, you do not need to worry about this rectangle if you are simply using iconic graphics (instead of a full print).


Q: Can I upload my favourite cartoon character or movie poster which I found in the internet?

A: You should ONLY upload royalty free images or images which you own the copyright. Copyrights of any image(s) downloaded from the internet could be owned by another organization. You will have to receive written consent before you can use their images legitimately by any means. For more information about copyrights of image, please visit our Terms and Conditions.


Q: Am I freely to use the artworks in Collaboration section? 

A: Yes, you can use any artwork from our collaboration brands or artists, combining your preferred trim color, special messages, and stamp your initials. This is an unique crossover art piece between you and your favour Brands/Artists. Please be reminded that you can only use artworks from one single artist per item. In addition, the is a 10% increment in price for applying any artworks from our collaborators, we will notify you when you start using any of their works, and the updated unit price will be shown in the shopping cart.


Q: How long does it take for my order to complete?

A: Customised products usually take weeks, or even months sometimes, to complete. But we aim to break this tradition. Normally we will get your personalized product ready to ship out in 7 working days. In certain occasions, for example, periods prior to peak seasons such as Christmas and Valentines’ Day, production lead time could take up to 14 working days.


Q: How do I pay my product?

A: We support Stripe for payment. Stripe is a reliable online payment platform which accepts variety of payments such as Visa, Master, American Express, JCB, Alipay and  Wehchat Pay. None of your credit card information will be obtained by Bespoke7.


Q: Does Bespoke7 have any shop(s) that we can see the actual product?

A: We collaborate with a Hong Kong famous lifestyle brand GOD (Goods of Desire), our crossover products can be spotted in their stores, for more of GOD stores information, please visit their website for store details:





Q: How do I know the shipping cost of my purchase?

A: We have integrated automated calculating system on shipping cost. Once you have filled in your precise delivery address along with your selected items in the shopping cart, we can calculate the shipping cost spontaneously with different options for you to select, each option shows the cost and estimated days required shipping to the corresponding destination. You can simply select the option which fits you the best. Below are 2 examples to better visualize the approximate shipment cost:


Example 1

Product ordered: Passport Cover

Package weight: 0.3kg

Package measurements: 25 x 21 x 4cm

Ship to United States

Lowest price option (Hong Kong Post e-Express): Delivery in 6-11 working days; US$ 5.00

Fastest option (UPS Worldwide Saver): Delivery in 2-4 working days; US$ 29.00

Ship to United Kingdom

Lowest price option (Hong Kong Post e-Express): Delivery in 4-6 working days; US$ 7.00

Fastest option (UPS Worldwide Saver): Delivery in 2-4 working days; US$ 33.00


Example 2

Product ordered: Multi-function Crossbody

Package weight: 0.5kg

Package measurements: 39 x 29 x 5cm

Ship to United States

Lowest price option (Hong Kong Post e-Express): Delivery in 6-11 working days; US$ 8.00

Fastest option (UPS Worldwide Saver): Delivery in 2-4 working days; US$ 38.00

Ship to United Kingdom

Lowest price option (Hong Kong Post e-Express): Delivery in 4-6 working days; US$ 10.00

Fastest option (UPS Worldwide Saver): Delivery in 2-4 working days; US$ 45.00


Q: Are import tax and duties included in shipping cost?

A: There are different import policies for different countries, we do not include tax/duties in our shipping cost


Q: Any free shipping offered?

A: Delivery to Hong Kong and mainland China are free of charge at the moment. And we do offer free shipping occasionally as promotions to our users with coupon codes.





Q: Where should I store my Bespoke7 leather product?

A: To preserve the appearance of your Bespoke7 product, avoid leaving the item in direct sunlight or UV light for long periods of time as this can cause color loss and the print to fade. You should also place it away from moisted areas to reduce the chance of molding.


Q: How do I take care of my Bespoke7 leather product?

A: Get a damped towel and wipe the product surface and in all of its cracks and seams. Then dry it with a dry towel. Leather cleaner can also be used, but can ONLY apply on a plain color leather surface with care. Please do not use any kind of cleaner to wipe on leather with print as this could destroy the pigment on print.



Return & Refund


Q: Can I change the design or artwork again after confirming the order?

A: Unfortunately we have to proceed the order with our production line immediately once the order is placed, in order to make sure your item can be completed in time, we are unable to change anything once the order is confirmed. So please double check before you make the purchase.

Q: Can I return/refund my product if I do not like it?

A: Since this is a customized product, so it is not possible for any refund/exchange once the order is made. However, if you receive an item in less than perfect condition (e.g. manufacturing error or product defect), please contact us at within 14 days upon receipt of your product and we will do all we can to remedy the situation.

Q: I see small scars/marks on the leather, as well as different texture in certain areas, are these defects?

A:  Leather is a natural material will display differences in each piece. Changes in the color or texture of the leather and signs of wear are normal. Irregularities in the consistency of color should not be considered a defect but are regarded as inherent to the material. In addition, small scratches or blemishes from the original hide may be found.