Yat Chun
Flower Watercolorist

Art composites a major part of my life and is my greatest passion. I find sketching on streets intriguing as I could meet new people and befriend them through chatting and exchanging ideas. Amid all types of art form, watercolor is my favorite given its romantic and unique nature. I also enjoy using ink pen lines, hence this technique is widely adopted in my various drawings. Flower is my main drawing subject as it has the ability to demonstrate multiple emotions and notions through its tone and form. I am dedicated in sharing happiness through my drawings – It is my sincere hope that everyone could feel their inner peace from enjoying and observing my paintings.



Born and raised in Hong Kong, Choy Yat Chun Anthony is an avid sketcher and watercolor painter who finds joy through sketching around the streets of Hong Kong and flower painting. He is an active local post-80s artist, also a member of International Watercolor Society and an exhibitor at local cultural festivals. Since 2012, he began to use pen and ink pen to sketch different subject whatever animal, portrait, cityscapes or countryside scene.The black line can reflect his emotion to the drawing object and you can feel different expression from the width of the ink line. Since 2016, he began studying watercolor and flower becoming the major object. The series of Hydrangea paintings is the signature of his portfolio and now he is exploring different techniques to depict the beauty of flower, so he went to Thailand and Taiwan for visiting several flower painting masters to study and sketch everywhere in 2017.

Major artworks

Spring。Song  春鳴相思梅



Flower Of Life  生命。花

Hydrangea also bears the meaning of enlivening one’s life. Its petite yet brillant small flowers could echo with the colorful adventures in life. This painting has been honored to be selected by Urbino in Acquarello Society to be exhibited in the city of Urbino in Italy (29 April – 2 May 2018).

Hydrangea In Mist  霧。花

The Hydrangea caught my heart deeply with its mutli floral structure. Being the first in my Hydrangea series, this painting has the honor of being selected by Fabriano in Acquarello Society to be exhibited in the city of Fabriano in Italy (3 – 7 May 2018).

Blue Eyes  藍。眼

A cooler hue was adopted to mold a sense of complex emotions experienced by lovers. The blue tone with a hint of azure symbolizes the bitter-sweet nature of love.

Spring。Song  冠羽戲春櫻


【宋】周弼 《櫻桃花》

The Daisy  蟹菊黃

Not only is daisy distinguished by its vibrant colours and cheerful bloom, it is also a carrier of longevity. The unique crab-like yellowish petals bring out a dynamic yet soft touch. This painting have the honor of being selected by Hong Kong and Taiwan International society to be exhibited in Hong Kong and Taiwan respectively on 5 – 8 April, 2018.

Blossom Rose  盛。玫

When I was browsing through a book, my attention was immediately caught by a photograph of rose. They were so perfectly vibrant and lively that one would wonder if they are actually real. The photograph inspired me to compose this artwork. I hope that audience could also feel the beauty and happiness of life through the blooming roses.

Silence The Lily  寧。蓮

Water Lilly definitely is one of the most elegant water grown flowers in nature whatever the color and petal structure. It is a symbol of Peace and harmony in human history.

Spring。Love  紅棉鵯中吟


【宋】劉克莊 《潮惠道中》

The Peony  牡丹紅

The elegance amid Peony is well represented in the prospering reddish petals, which also exemplifies the good fortune.

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