Tugo Cheng

品牌介绍 (暂时只供英文版本)

Graduated from HKU and a master degree from Cambridge, Tugo Cheng is an Architect and a Photographer who has received multiple international awards and nominations including National Geographic, Sony Wolrd Photography Awards, International Photographer of the Year, Fine Art Photography Awards, Hasselblad Masters etc.


Influenced by his architectural background, he pays special attention to the order and rhythm in landscapes and has focused on China in the past decade. His works can be found in his book “Discovering China” and other publications such as “Masters of Drone Photography” and “Outdoor Photographer”  as well as major media including CNN, Guardian, National Geographic Magazine and SCMP who have featured the photographer extensively.


His pictures were showcased in art fairs and exhibitions in Hong Kong, Asia and Europe, and auctioned by charity organizations. He was named Perspective 40-under-40 artist in 2017 for his contribution in art and photography. 

主要艺术作品 (暂时只供英文版本)